Craft Art Brasil
Craft Brasil is a colab store, with products of various artists and craftsmen ranging from home appliances, decoration and clothing, to food. It is high quality craftsmanship with focus on the AA public. The brand will work with purely handcrafted products that are not involved in production in scale and totally focused on the valuation of the small producer/artist and conscious consumption. Then they will be pieces of reuse materials, ecologically and socially responsible.
AGENCY: OWL Lab Criativo / ART DIRECTION: renan monteiro / PLANNING: nondas okiama


For the symbol we made him alive. Every year a new leaf born from the plant.
Making the symbol run through the life of a powerful element of nature. From the bud to turning a tree.


As far as colors are concerned, there is nothing fairer than using primary colors (YELLOW, RED) to be the base colors of the brand.


We look for typographies that complement each other, so PUNC and GILROY were chosen.
Each has its function. The first is more organic and to compensate for this factor the other typography is more sober.
PUNC will be used for titles, subtitles and highlights texts. GILROY will be used for long texts.


Sustainability has everything to do with how the company is positioning itself and nothing better than making the bussines cards using a stamp on any paper that would go to waste.

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